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A Worldwide Holiday for Sailing

boat_logoOf course, we think you should go sailing many days in 2015, but if you must choose one of them, choose Saturday, June 20, the official Summer Sailstice! Fifteen years ago, John Arndt of the San Francisco, California-based magazine Latitude 38 decided to dedicate one day a year to bring sailors together and celebrate the sport. The longest day of the year seemed the perfect time of year to do so. The Sailstice was born.

Since its inception, the Summer Sailstice has grown into an international day to celebrate sailing. Around the world, individuals on their own boats, sailing schools, charter companies, yacht clubs, sailing and outdoor clubs, and community sailing programs get in on the action.

What do you have to do to participate? Go sailing. What does it cost? It’s free. All you have to do is visit summersailstice.com and sign up with your email address. Signing up will qualify you to win great prizes, from lifejackets and waterproof cameras to weeklong sailing vacations in tropical ports… but only if you go sailing June 20.

To learn more and see the world map of Summer Sailstice 2014 participants, visit summersailstice.com.