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A Worldwide Holiday for Sailing

Of course, we think you should go sailing many days in 2015, but if you must choose one of them, choose Saturday, June 20, the official Summer Sailstice! Fifteen years ago, John Arndt of the San Francisco, California-based magazine Latitude 38 decided to dedicate one day a year to bring sailors together and celebrate the […]

Lifejackets 101

When we host Start Sailing Now seminars, people often ask us if they must wear lifejackets or Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) on sailboats. Many remember the silly looking orange ones they were forced to wear as kids, and even though they want to feel safe while sailing, they hope to not have to wear those […]

Myth vs. Fact

What stops people from getting into sailing year after year? After seven years of publishing Start Sailing Now and hosting new sailor seminars and 19 years of producing SpinSheet for sailors, we have encountered recurrent barriers to entry into sailing—and some of them are false or misguiding. Here are a few common sailing myths and facts […]

Getting Kids into Sailing

Some children grow up in sailing families and inherit the sailing gene as they might inherit brown eyes. They learn to sail without questioning it. Since their parents are sailors, they find youth sailing schools or camps through friends or club connections. What about those of us who don’t grow up around boats? If you […]

Top 10 Reasons I Love To Sail with my Family

1. Sailing is one of the best forms of family bonding. Because multiple generations can sail together and teamwork is a necessity, few sports bring families together the way sailing does. 2. One of the best parts of sailing is that there are so few electronic distractions. Although our kids bring their phones aboard, they […]

What Took Me So Long?

You are in a sailboat under sunny skies heading out to deeper water to take a relaxing ride back and forth to nowhere in particular. Finally! You have wanted to do this for years. A gentle breeze blows across the boat, which heels gently, and you feel the pleasant, steady rock of the boat as […]

Photo by Dan Phelps

Smart Questions To Ask Sailing Schools

Without guidance about how to find a sailing school, many prospective students may start with the least effective method: a Google search. Decisions might then be made based on cost, location, timing, and length of the courses. Let us share other important factors to consider and more targeted methods for sifting through the multiple options […]

Sail for Free… Really?

It’s no secret: sailing can be an expensive sport. However, there are ways to try it without investing any money. If you get hooked, you will eventually invest in gear, lessons, and maybe a club membership or your own boat—but let’s stay focused on trying sailing right now. Here are some ideas. There are skippers […]

Insider Tips for Sailors

It’s hard to know the unspoken rules of any culture. To avoid any clashes, here are a few secrets to help you understand what your new skipper is thinking in various hypothetical sailing situations and how you should react: A skipper asks you to bring lunch. Do not be offended if this happens. It’s a […]

What Sailors Wear on the Water

You would be hard-pressed to find a sailor without other outdoor passions such as skiing, cycling, running, kayaking, waterskiing, rafting, camping, or hiking. The outdoorsy types who are attracted to the sport don’t mind the sun, rain, and wind (and more wind). Dressing for success in sailing has nothing to do with fashionable navy-blue striped […]

Talk Like a Sailor… 22 Terms All Sailors Know

Unless you speak Old English, sailing terms probably sound confusing to you. You are not alone. Even longtime sailors use the not-so-official terms of “thingamabob” and “doo-hickey.” One of the most lovable aspects of sailing is that there is always something to learn. Don’t worry if it takes you time to digest the complex language […]

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